One Step Closer to Being a Homeowner!

I did a very grown-up thing this weekend: I finally had my decor appointment with Tribute Communities and got to pick out the finishes for my condo!

tribute RCMI condo

This condo has been a part of my life since 2009 (4th year of university, eeek…), so it has been a long time coming. Even though I  won’t get to move in until late this year or early next year, I feel like everything just got real.

I had no idea what to expect for my appointment but thankfully, a lot of stress and decision-making was mitigated considering I was given three “templates” to choose from.

I chose the template with these finishes: dark brown hardwood flooring, light wooden kitchen cabinets and white washroom tiles.

tribute decor studio

I was also given the option to keep the standard white kitchen countertop or go with one of three granite finishes. I went with granite and this was the only shade that fit well with the other interiors I chose.

tribute granite countertop finish

Now that this is finalized, I imagine a lot of pinning action on this board in my near future – hah!

I can’t wait to move out on my own.


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