Review // Vegan Bags by Urban Expressions

Last February, my girlfriends and I stumbled into an adorable boutique store called Shown to Scale while exploring Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

I saw this gorgeous black purse with gold hardware sitting on a shelf and knew I needed to have it. Even though I was unfamiliar with the brand – Urban Expressions – I just loved the style of the bag too much to leave the shop without it.

It was only after I bought it (and after some internet research) that I discovered this bag has an uncanny resemblance to Alexander Wang’s Emile Satchel, which runs close to $1000, and is apparently a favourite among Hollywood celebrities. Hollywood style without the price tag? WIN.

splurge or steal alexander wang dupe

This bag has been a staple in my daily life for over a year now and it has held up fairly well, considering how often I carry it. Another “selling point” of the Urban Expressions line is that all of their bags are made of PETA-approved animal friendly faux leather. Hollywood style without the price tag AND while protecting fur babies? DOUBLE WIN.

PETA certified vegan bag

Cut to… a few months later, while I was browsing Winners (one of my favourite places to shop), another Urban Expressions beauty caught my eye. I’m kind of obsessed with crossbody bags in general but this one was a gorgeous neutral tan colour with studs. COME ON.

tan studded crossbody bag

This one is the perfect size for nights out and adds a hint of edge to any outfit. I’ve also received compliments every time I’ve worn this bag which is always a nice bonus.

After scoring two for two, I’ve kept my eyes peeled for the Urban Expressions brand ever since.

Cut to… last week. Remind me never to “just browse” at Winners on pay days.

black studded crossbody bag

I found a black version of my beloved studded crossbody. Had to have it.

urban expressions katella bag in cognac

And then I found this purse. Even though I vowed to invest in staples, I’m still in the “research” phase for a higher-end everyday bag. This baby can hold me over until then… right? 🙂

At a price point of $35 and $50 respectively and considering how impressed I’ve been with this brand in the past, I don’t feel too guilty.

From their website, it looks like Urban Expressions only does wholesale directly so I’m not sure where you can consistently find their bags but I spot them fairly regularly at Winners. If I haven’t made it obvious by now, I’m clearly a fan! 😉

Do you have a “go-to” brand for your bags and purses?


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