Goodbye Split Ends!

I could tell that my hair wasn’t in good shape over the last little while. It was much drier and frizzier than usual and I had more split ends than I could count.

The split ends bugged me more than anything because I could physically see them. Despite all of the hair care products out there that claim to “reverse years of damage” or “repair split ends”, let’s face it: the only effective way to get rid of split ends is to snip them off. So I paid a long overdue visit to the hair salon yesterday.

Even though I loved my heat perm waves, it was time to get drastic to combat these split and dry ends! My only instructions to the stylist was to let me have enough hair so I can still wear ponytails. It drives me nuts when I can’t tie my hair back.

The stylist offered great general hair care tips. For example, I never knew that you were only supposed to shampoo your scalp. There’s no need to vigorously rub shampoo onto your hair – that could actually lead to unnecessary damage. All you should do is thoroughly massage shampoo on your scalp and then let it wash down onto your hair on its own. And then of course, conditioner is meant for just the ends of your hair but at least I already knew that tip.

The stylist also recommended a scalp treatment, as product build-up on my scalp (and clogging hair follicles) is the likely reason why my hair was in such poor shape.

The scalp treatment process was… interesting. Here’s the photo I posted on Instagram:

korean salon scalp treatment

I look like a mushroom. Also note the steam coming out of the mushroom-y contraption.

Despite looking 100% silly, it was the most refreshing hair treatment I’ve ever received. The product they used on my scalp was peppermint-y (so tingly!) and then the steaming mushroom caps is supposedly for opening up the pores on my scalp to clear away the toxins.

A (side note) confession: I’ve only EVER gone to Korean hair salons. They know how to deal with my stiff and thick Asian hair and the service is incredible. The only thing you don’t usually get is a fancy venue – they’re usually more of a neighbourhood salon feel – but that’s not important to me. And another major perk? Prices are seriously affordable. I paid $55 in total: $25 for the cut, $20 for the scalp treatment + 20% tip.

Anyways, here’s my new do!

shoulder length asian haircut

Back to my au naturel straight hair. It’s a nice and refreshing change, especially with the warm weather coming up.

What are your best hair care tips?


4 thoughts on “Goodbye Split Ends!

  1. Hey girl, great blog you got here. I remember meeting you during Social Media Week TO at the Wikibrands event. Anyway, I use to have split ends when I was in my teens. Once my hair passed my shoulders, I would see them start to split. Now my hair is passed my waist and guess what? No split ends! “How can this be?” you ask? Simple. I haven’t blow dried my hair in years. Literally. I haven’t owned a blow/hair dryer in over a decade. I don’t use any product either. No hairspray, no gel, no mouse, no “make your hair shiny” stuff. Two years ago, I noticed that I had no spit ends and was amazed myself. I attributed it to the facts above. I’ve also started using pure virgin, cold pressed, coconut oil in my hair, particularly paying attention to the ends. I shampoo, condition, then rub the oil all over and keep it on for either 30 minutes to an hour, or for an entire day while cleaning or “social media’ing”. Careful not to put too much. It tends to stay greasy after one shampoo. I also take vitamin supplements. Well, that’s my experience.

    I think if women blow dried their hair on a daily basis and use product, the heat and chemicals will definitely dry out the ends eventually. It’s a catch 22. Nice haircut by the way. Cheers!

    P.S. I’m thinking of cutting my hair shorter.

    1. Carmen! Thanks for sharing your experiences and tips – much appreciated. I don’t even own a blow dryer… I’m all about the towel/air dry. I’ll have to try your coconut oil treatment, sounds like it would do wonders for my still dry ends. 😀

  2. Hey Stella! Your haircut looks amazing!!! I know how you feel about the split ends, yuck. I use coconut oil as treatments for my ends – all natural baby! I also make a shampoo/conditioner to use in the shower out of diluted apple cider vinegar. ACV actually balances your hair’s pH leaving it shiny, glossy and strong! These treatments are so affordable and really easy to include in your daily or weekly routine and bonus: it has made my hair so much more manageable and look and feel so much healthier 🙂

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