Month in Review // June 2013

June has been absolutely insane – as reflected in my complete lack of blogging this entire month. Work was busy at the beginning of the month, then I was out of town on business trips for two solid weeks (Los Angeles, CA then Austin, TX) and now it’s taken me a week or so to adjust back to my normal routine.

So to play catch-up, here’s my month in review!


My month began with a work trip out west to LA for E3.

los angeles june 2013

I didn’t get to see much of the city because I was way too busy working but I’d love to come back to explore more of LA and California in general. I was only 8 the last time I was in CA so it’s about time for me to experience the West Coast as an adult… hopefully soon!


Between LA and Austin, I had 48 hours back home in Toronto during which I went to the long-anticipated Taylor Swift concert with my good friend, Steph!

taylor swift concert toronto june 2013

We were on the floors and had a great view! I had an amazing time singing my heart out to some of my favourite tunes.

Early next morning, I was en route to Austin for my second work trip of the month. I happened to be waiting at the same gate as – none other than – Taylor Swift’s band members. I had a great chat with Paul Sidoti, who plays guitar and does background vocals, and he gave me a souvenir right out of his carry-on!

taylor swift guitar pick

I kept my cool while chatting even though I was basically freaking out on the inside. It was the perfect cherry on top of an incredible concert experience.


Work in Austin was 9-5 day at the office (as opposed to an event), which meant I had more time to experience the city. If I could only describe Austin in three words, it would be: cowboy meets hipster. Austin is the perfect mix of city and country and I absolutely loved the vibe.

austin texas city country


My flight back home from Austin was pretty eventful… and not in a good way. After 3+ hours of continuous delays on my connecting flight, it ended up being cancelled until the next morning, which meant that I’d likely miss Color Me Rad, a 5K colour run that I’d been looking forward to for months. (Damn, American Airlines!)

I landed in Toronto about 9 hours later than I’d planned on and 30 minutes before the run was to start. Well, in an Amazing Race-esque cab ride across the city, I made it to Downsview Park in time for the run – suitcase and all. I dug my workout gear out of my suitcase and got colour bombed!

color me rad toronto

Completing a 5K on very little sleep while being drenched from the downpour wasn’t easy but it was incredibly fun – SO GLAD I got to participate!


What was your favourite June moment? 


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