Featured on Pickie // Top 6 Summer Fashion Picks

It’s no secret that I’m quite the Pinterest aficionado. The only problem is that sometimes I’ll fall head-over-heels in love with a product that I see on there and click through to the original source to find that it doesn’t always link to the actual product page.

Thankfully, Pickie, an iPad catalog app, solves this problem. Simply put, Pickie is like the lovechild of Pinterest and your favourite online shopping website.

All of the items featured on Pickie are carefully curated by lifestyle, beauty and fashion bloggers so it’s also a great way to find blogs that reflect your personal interests and tastes. If you’re anything like me, this is an incredible added bonus because I’m always on the hunt for fun new blogs to read.

I’m happy to share that my blogger/editor profile on Pickie goes live today! Check out my 3-page spread of Top 6 Summer Fashion Picks! You can also click the preview images below to read:

pickie summer style must haves

pickie summer style must haves

pickie summer fashion picks

I’ve curated 6 “must-have” items for summer 2013 that works with budgets of any size (easily found in both high-end and low-end retailers) and can easily be incorporated into any existing wardrobe. What do you think? 🙂

When you initially sign up for Pickie, it asks for style preference for fashion, complexion for beauty and interests for home goods. For example, I chose ‘trendy’, ‘budget’ and ‘sophisticated’ for my style preferences, ‘golden’ for complexion and ‘crafts’ and ‘décor’ for my interests in home goods. As you become a frequent user of Pickie, the app and site will learn your taste and build a daily magazine, designed just for you, of products that you’re sure to love! Pretty neat.

The cherry on top is that you can add any items you come across to a cart, so it’s literally your one-stop online shopping hub.

Interested in checking out Pickie? You can download it in the Apple App Store here or check out Pickie on the web, if you’re not an iPad user.

Also, check out Pickie on your favourite social media channel: Facebook / Twitter / Tumblr / Pinterest


Now that summer is in full swing, what are your “must-have” items this season?


One thought on “Featured on Pickie // Top 6 Summer Fashion Picks

  1. Love the bathing suit, Stella. I have one very similar. I find Old Navy is always affordable, so I tend to take risks by buying things I wouldn’t normally purchase, and seeing whether I like them. Not much is lost if I don’t like the piece, and there’s lots to be gained if you find your newest signature look.

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