I’m just navigating through life…
And want to document my JOIES DE VIVRE along the way.
Professional communicator by day.
Loving life in Toronto, Canada.
Technically a grown-up but hopelessly young at heart.
City mouse, word nerd + sassy pants.
Realist striving to be an idealist.


For more…

My life in tweets.
My life in snapshots.
My life in random things I love.


2 thoughts on “ABOUT STELLA

  1. My daughter is thinking about the post grad PR program at Humber. I read your blog on your experience. Thank you for posting that! She’s quite nervous over the admission aspect…the “interview” any suggestions to help prepare?

    1. Hi Diane,

      The second blog post I wrote about Humber cover all of the questions asked at the time when I did my interview: https://stellahklee.com/2013/05/28/humber-pr-frequently-asked-questions/ Be warned though, I interviewed for Humber over 5 years ago now so the questions and interview format may have changed. Other than that, my advice would be to brush up on interview skills (treat it like a job interview) and even though interviews can be daunting, I would tell your daughter to try to be as confident as possible!

      Good luck to her,


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